Miskini Summer Cocktail Party Tips from Eve

Want to have that effortless summer party? You'll be surprised to learn that making a fabulous and memorable summer cocktail party is quite simple with these must haves from party planning pro and Miskini designer Eve Miskin. It's all about the details... details... details...


1) Fresh Flowers. Pick something signature and personal to make a memorable experience. For me, I try to incorporate gardenias and orchids.  

2) Candles. I love Diptique candles and how they are subtle yet fill the space. 

3) Unique water glasses. Personalize your guest's water glasses by adding a berry or two. Guests will love the subtle flavor and the creative way of keeping track of their glass. 

4) Music. Good music is always that essential bit that sets the tone for the party. It should be in the background, noticeable, but not ever too loud that it overtakes the conversations.

5) Use local ingredients. Having canape' made from fresh, local, and organic ingredients is a great way to connect with the community and have a light convo about supporting your local farmers. 

6) Champagne. Set the festive tone with champagne! It keeps the atmosphere leisurely and goes well with mingling with new people.

7) Gather an interesting group. Once a month mix it up and set up a little gathering with interesting people from different fields who may have not met in your circles. Your parties will always be interesting and will be sure to keep the conversations fresh.


Throw on a little cocktail number and add lots of laughter….you're good to go! 


xx Eve