Every year I get an irresistible urge to say ‘Aloha’ to the shores of spectacular Hawaii. From its dramatic sunsets and swaying coconut palms to the perfect cloudless skies it is the ideal winter escape from Bryon Bay. 

I get caught in it’s tractor beam, reeled in to the sun, sand and waves so familiar to me coming from a town that’s famous for it’s surf. Byron and Hawaii are united by their similar laid back lifestyle and surfing culture which is perhaps why it holds a special place in my heart. 

The beating of the drums and faint sounds of the ukulele in a luau give Hawaii a uniquely spiritual quality with surfing its dominant religion. 

I’m often asked why I choose to holiday in a place so similar to my home and I guess the answer is in that they are the same and yet so different. Sure there is sun and surf but at home there’s no buffet breakfast with omelet station or 24 hour room service. There’s none of those invisible hotel, cleaning fairies who are tidying up around the clock without ever actually being seen.

I have a wonderful pool overlooking the beach at Wategos at home but it’s minus a hotel barman with mad cocktail making skills! My love of Hawaii is about the beauty of the place itself and also getting away from the daily chores of home. Lazing by the pool with a magazine and choosing the objects of my desire for the next round of retail therapy simply never becomes dull. 

My first stop in Waikiki is at a fabulous waterfront hotel, where I’ve been given an outstanding room with sweeping views over Diamond Head. Five Japanese couples are posing for photos in different parts of the hotel and I can see why they have chosen this magnificent location for their special moment. 

With my wide-brimmed hat on and Miskini bikini, it’s wonderful to lay poolside catching some rays and collecting my thoughts for the Ala Moana shopping experience. Only seven minutes from the hotel it’s a retail precinct with all manner of designer goods and local craft where ladies look happy and husbands look nervous. 

However of all the Islands, Maui is my favorite for it’s breathtaking geography and array of adventurous pursuits. From Paddle boarding, canoeing, turtle watching and zip lining it’s a veritable feast for the adventure hungry. Incredible waterfalls, helicopter flights over volcanoes, world-class restaurants makes it an exceptional holiday destination. Did I mention the margaritas? Might be time to start planning the next trip.