How To Shop For Your Skin Tone

Here at Miskini, we have had a lot of fun working with colours and skin tones. Sharne, Codie and I have explored the celebrity stand outs, and their red carpet moments. Realizing, the secret to a never-fail glamour moment lies in the colour choice of your garment. 

I love working with colour when designing my collections. And when they are body-ready, I find it is important to incorporate the art of colour choice when selecting this summer’s bikini.

Try this experiment below.

You will need: Good natural lighting, a large mirror, a white shirt or sheet and a cream shirt (matt fabric only). 

Ensure your hair is off your face, your neck and décolletage should be free of clothing and jewellery, and remove all traces of make-up. 

Look in the mirror and hold the white fabric under your chin - then repeat with the cream fabric. Look at the clarity of your eyes and see if you can see them light up. 

If you are warm, the cream fabric should give you a warm glow, while the white will make you look drawn. If you are cool, the white fabric should give you a glow, while the cream colour will make you look drawn. 

Now that you have established whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Follow this guide.

Warm shades are predominantly colours with a yellow undertone - shades of brown, caramel, green, turquoise, gold, burnt-orange and warm red .

Cooler colours, stock up on pinks, purples, mint, grey, burgundy, blacks and blues.