A week in the life of the miskini girl backpacker. - FIJI -

Our social media coordinator/web developer booked a flight to Fiji so we decided to have her write a blog while she was there...no need to worry, no staff members were forced in the making of this blog! 

Get to know part of our team! 

Hey! I’m Simone, social media coordinator at miskini and before I got my amazing job here at the HQ, Byron bay in December 2017 i booked a trip to Fiji because well I travel and I mean I travel a lot and I think that’s why I love my job so much, because working as a social media coordinator means I have the freedom to take my phone and work from wherever I am, no matter the country....just me, my phone and a semi decent wifi connection and I’m good to go! But I can’t do all this without the great team back at miskini HQ packing all your orders and answering your emails while I go explore the world!!

So here’s to an adventure and semi guide of things to do In Fiji! 


Day 1 

Well here we are, roughly 3.5 hours from Brisbane airport in the beautiful Nadi, Fiji! 

We arrived at 4:30am to smugglers cove resort, right on the beach! Yes, actually on the beach... 

this place has everything you need. So if you’re looking for a place to stay in Nadi which is so easy accessible to pretty much everything you need to do and see, I recommend you stay here! 


As we waited for the sun to come up we grabbed some cruise and tour leaflets and started to plan what we were going to do! 

Of course! Cloud nine was high on our to do list! I mean a boat in the middle of the ocean that was practically paradise! How could we not! 

Next we decided to agree on zip lining and the sleeping giant tours. 

The aim of this trip was not only to get some cool photos and explore it enough to tell you all about it. But to get out of the comfort zones we may have slipped into. After 34 hours of being awake a well deserved nap was needs to be had, followed by dinner and a fire show at the resort! 


Day 2. 

You guessed it! On a boat to cloud nine! While overcast it’s the experience we’re going for. 

We were greeted “bula” as we jumped on a bit for a 45 minute ride off the coast of Fiji, and all I can think about it if I had a wakeboard I’d be behind this fast boat jumping some wake, because if you don’t love the water are you really a miskini girl? 

Meeting new people is a big part of what travelling is all about! 

We met this couple from Melbourne the night before at the fire show and got talking, which resulted in us talking them into coming to cloud nine with us today! 


Day 3 

consisted of massages and getting my hair braided by one of the staff members. 
I got invited to have dinner with one of the workers on Saturday night. A traditional Fijian meal. We call her Mum! 


Day 4 

Today I had to be up and ready before 7am to board a cruise ship to the south sea island in Fiji. 
It was a quick 45 minute cruise which landed me on the island with a welcome of song and dance and of course BULA 

A little more about the word BULA 

it is used for many different things. For instance; a welcome, goodbye, love, happiness and sadness. 

It is believed that if you fill your life with BULA as much as possible you will live longer! 

After being on the island for an hour, we grabbed our snorkel gear and jumped onto a boat which dropped us into the middle of a reef between 3 islands. 

Snorkeling is something I’ve done a fair bit of so being able to snorkel and see the incredible rainbow fish, bright blue starfish which I held and Eels that the guides were patting like a dog. 

Decided to do some free diving, the key is to hold your nose on the way down to equalise your ears. 

Book this through bookme.com.au for great deals up to half price. 


Day 5 

Today we got up and caught the local bus which was more like a tractor...not even kidding you! To Nadi town to go through the markets, food and handicrafts. Our new friends from Melbourne leave today so after Town we decided to come back and hang by the pool at the hostel with a bunch of other people ( a raining day in Nadi )


Day 6 

With nothing planned we rushed to the bookings desk to book something to do for ourFriday. We know we really wanted to go for another snorkel so we figured out what the best option would be! 

Booked a day trip out to beachcomber island and spent from 9-6pm snorkeling and soaking up the sun! 


Day 7 

With a cyclone on the radar we kept dry and inside, worked out well because well it was Good Friday and nothing was open! 

Raining days were always spent at our hotel/hostel, in the pool, getting a massage and eating food... a lot of food. 

Later that night we hit the town, because well the clubs of course were open! 


Day 8 

Last day in Fiji....you guessed it, I attended a Fijian wedding with “Mum” and spent the afternoon with her and her family. 

I ate traditional Fijian food which was cooked under ground, one of the tastiest vegan meals I’ve had in another country. 

Cyclone was well in swing by the time I returned, our accomodation set up a white party for the night and by the end of it everyone was drenched, cold and drunk. 

Off to bed and up for a 5am flight! 


Overall Fiji is amazing! 

Didn’t get to do as many things as I would have liked to do but I fell more Inlove with snorkeling and free diving, the reefs were beautiful and to see new coral growing made my heart very full! 

The way they protect their reefs and islands is incredible. With simple things like 

  • no straws because they hurt our environment ( Australia could learn from this ) 
  • Everything is reusable. 
  • Look after our oceans and they’ll look after us! 
  • No fishing on most islands to preserve the marine life. 

The life of an island girl may be over for now but the Byron beach bum is back and ready to bring you so much cool content and show you all done pretty cool photos from our travels. 


Lots of love. - S