Miskini's Guide to the PERFECT Byron bay getaway

If you're looking at taking a trip to the lovely east coast of Australia, Byron bay is a place you must see and we've got your must see, things to do, eat and experience all here. 

From the Locals to you!

Our favourite places to eat, for all food requirements from gluten free to vegan. 

Combi - http://wearecombi.com.au/
Need coffee - asap, or a fresh juice, Acai Bowl, Big Breakfast.
Combi is the place for food, with good vibes, friendly staff, cute blush pink interiors and comfy seating. 

They have everything you could possibly need or want, and even the things you didn't know you wanted. Combi will leave you wanting more and more. 

You will always find some great cafes and alley joints where you may find some of your favourite meals you may have ever consumed. 

The Beet - http://www.thebeet.com.au/
The most beautiful foods to share or all for yourself, with vegan and gluten free foods you dont have to stray from your healthy living....or you can be naughty and end it with desert. We know you want too. 

The Balcony 
With food to die for, The Balcony has a view of town where the buskers music flows through. 
Sitting above with good company is all you may need on a night out with your partner.

Things to see and do!

When living in or around byron you tend to find the best spots or the right times of the day to do things, such as walking the track from the pass or even wategos to the top where the lighthouse sits and watch the sunset or sunrise!

Lighthouse - Sunrise/Sunset 
There's something about getting up at the crack of dawn before first light...we know, tiring, but its a must see experience. 
As you make your way up the last of the stairs you find a sense of pleasure and completion....but just wait, take a seat watch the sun peak up from the horizon, take a deep breath in...exhale. 
Forget the world for a minute, forget your problems, your worries.

Just watch. 
Breath In, 
Breath Out. 

Listen to the morning birds chirp and the slight breeze blow through the leaves. 

We'd be silly if we didn't include taking your board into the ocean...what types of locals would that make us!!!

So go on, Check the Surf, Strap your board on, Head to the ocean... We know its what you want to do!
And even if you're a beginner, Byron bay has a lot of surf schools that will have you up and surfing in no time!

If surfing isnt your thing, make sure you do some kind of water sport or activity, We are the water babies and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do!


Now.... Let's be real, this one is going to happen whether you think it will or not!
Byron Bay is home to some pretty amazing local brands such as us here at Miskini, thrills, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Arnhem and beyond....Support our locals and their clothing. 

Live Music

When walking through town almost any night of the week, you are bound to see one of many musicians busking on the street, sharing stories and beautiful sounds. 

Some of the local boys such as Nick Cunningham, Kyle Lionhart, Ziggy Alberts, Dustyboots music, Adam Harpaz have some of the greatest sounds, voices and stories to tell.

Not only do the local boys play but we've seen guys from all over the countryside come and busk the streets and main beach sunsets of Byron Bay, such as Jordy Maxwell, Michael Dunstan, Rob Edwards and Mitch King and  just to name a few. 

You can find heaps of planned and unplanned gigs in and all around byrons town, make sure you check out the beachy, the northern and even the sticky wicket bar.


For now, Untill next time...I'm sure we will continue adding to our lists of things to see and do.

Keep the Town and beaches clean, Pick up your rubbish and lesve nothing but footprints on our beaches. 

Lots of Love 

The Miskini Team